Two tourists are seen during the Easter holidays. | Biel Aliño

No room at the inn...! We have heard on many occasions over the last two years that Mallorca was set for a record summer season and it appears that the dream has finally come true. This Easter will mark the return of the tourist in numbers not seen since the start of the pandemic in 2019.

In fact, some people are saying that we could see even more tourists than in 2019, described as a record year. This is no bluff. It is not an attempt by the tourist industry to cry wolf, hotels are fully booked. I did a straw poll of five leading hotels on the island yesterday and they all stated that they had a few rooms left and I should hurry if I wanted to book. The big difference is that Majorca now appeals to all nationalities. This has always been the case but the German and British markets always took priority.

This state of affairs changed during the pandemic. British and German travel restrictions meant that the tourist industry had to find new markets, such as France and Italy, and these new markets are not going away. Hoteliers will say that if they can´t fill their rooms with German and British holiday makers there is always the French and the Italians. In other words these days we are spoilt for choice. Mallorca is sitting pretty. This has allowed hoteliers to raise their prices. It is a question of demand and supply. A record season will obviously help lift the economic gloom of the last two years. The only danger is that as we have seen over the last two years things can change overnight. So at the moment you could say that we have never had it so good but fingers crossed.