The main opposition party, the Partido Popular, has a new leader. | Brais Lorenzo

“I have not accepted the position to insult Pedro Sánchez (Prime Minister) I’ve come here to defeat him,” proclaimed Alberto Núñez Feijóo on Wednesday night when he agreed to take over as the new president of the centre right Partido Popular.

Feijóo is no new kid on the block like his young predecessor Pablo Casado who stood down after a fresh scandal rocked the party over alleged dirty tricks to try and bring the PP’s President of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, back into line after becoming the shining light of the party.

Now however, the PP has a serious politician with over 16 years of experience at the helm and Feijóo will not only bring the party back on line, he will also pose a serious threat to the Socialist prime minister, whose coalition government is made up of a cocktail of left wing parties.

Feijóo will also have the far right party Vox party worried because with a more moderate and able leader in charge of the PP, those voters who may have moved over to Vox, may now decided to return to their political roots.

Feijóo made it clear during his speech that he is intent on winning the next general election and without the support of any other parties. He wants a clear mandate for the Partido Popular and it remains to be seen if Sánchez can cope with a serious opponent.

The Spanish left wing now faces a tough battle.