As Spain rolls out a new campaign to attract digital workers, Mallorca should cash in | plozano

The Spanish government has announced plans to attract more remote, nomad or digital workers to the country while also luring Spaniards currently working overseas back home.

The foundation for this new scheme is to cut taxes for digital nomads as the government aims to boost start-up culture in the country.

Digital nomads are remote workers who are able to do their job from anywhere in the world.

The practice has become increasingly popular since the pandemic altered many businesses’ ways of working.

The new measures announced by Spain will allow foreign digital workers to use a non-resident tax status with lower rates for five years.

Spain’s economy ministry tweeted that the new laws would “attract and retain international and national talent”.

Spain’s tax cuts will apply to salaried and independent digital nomads who choose to work from the country and the move follows that taken by Croatia, for example, which passed a law earlier this year 2021 that allows non-EU foreigners to get a one-year residence visa.

The former Balearic President and current MEP for Ciudadanos, Jose Ramon Bauza, has been banging on in Brussels ever since the pandemic started about how much Mallorca has got to offer this new market and he is not wrong.