Thousands of visitors were fined this year heading to one of the island’s top spot. | AAVV FORMENTOR

It would appear that the argy-bargy over controls and restrictions on traffic heading to Formentor lighthouse to enjoy one of the most breathtaking mountain/coastal drives Majorca has to offer, not to mention the marvelous view, is all down to institutional confusion and mismanagement.

The stretch of road along the edge of the cliffs has also been used by numerous leading international car manufacturers for their latest advertisements.
It’s a global Majorcan symbol.

Yes, the road from Puerto Pollensa up to the lighthouse does ground to gridlock during the peak summer months and the vast majority of people heading up the lighthouse are visitors, be they national or international.

But slapping over 7,000 drivers with fines for failing to comply with the restrictions does not say much for Mallorca’s warm welcome to tourists. Somewhere, something clearly broke down, or was lost in translation, and now the authorities responsible are busy trying to pass the buck.

Sustainable tourism very much key with regards to moving forward and one of the biggest problems Mallorca faces is the vast number of cars on the roads, although tourists can not be held totally to blame, the Mallorcans love their private vehicles. So, rather like the tourist tax, any such actions which will hit tourists need to be clear, transparent and work properly.