The pandemic has certainly made people value their health more. | MDB files

Spaniards have been told to get cycling. The Spanish government recently unveiled a national strategy for the promotion of cycling, as part of a broader recovery plan dedicated to mobility. In the coming years, efforts will be made to create low-emission zones and pedestrian areas, as well as to encourage cycling and the development of dedicated infrastructure.

But, as the country emerges from the pandemic, there is an underlying move to encourage people to be more active and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Over the past few years, before the breakout of Covid, the Balearic government and local authorities, began placing much more emphasis on health and exercise.
Weekends dedicated to all forms of exercise used to be hosted in the Parc de la Mar and the number of gyms and fitness centres has grown across the island, it has become a boom businesses especially those open 24/7.

All this coincides with trying to get more people out their cars and on to their feet, bike or electric scooters, although the latter still requires some serious regulating and policing.
But, it is encouraging to see and I think, post pandemic, more people will take the message on board. Palma, for example, is perfect for getting around on foot or bike, while the climate lends itself to a healthy lifestyle.