London. | NISSAN

The British government yesterday unveiled a six million pound promotion al package to attract foreign tourists back to the UK while there were reports in some respected media outlets that Spain, along with France, may not be given the green light when the first traffic light review is carried out.

The question has got to be asked: Does the British government want millions of Britons flocking overseas and spending millions of pounds which could be spent in the UK and significantly help to not only reboot the domestic economy but also the UK’s hospitality sector.

Next week, hotels and bar and restaurant interiors will be allowed to reopen and restrictions are gradually eased again, unlike the rash lifting of the State of Alarm in Spain which has sparked fears of a fresh surge in cases as the country parties like never before.

On the one hand, the British government can not afford to clip the wings of the airlines and tour operators for much longer, however, they can complicate life by, for example, keeping top destinations like Spain, on amber until their case numbers and vaccination levels have reached a benchmark deemed fit for travel.

Spain, for example, is very much doing the same by encouraging domestic tourism with a host of cash incentives while also trying to woo back foreign tourists. Time will tell.