Mancor de la vall. | p.lozano

As if it wasn’t bad enough to learn that, through a rising escalation of Covid 19 cases across Mallorca, our beloved island had been elevated from ‘low’ to ‘medium risk’ status;

Then my hometown of Mancor de la Vall suddenly grabbed the headlines on Wednesday March 24 by being placed ‘top’ of the ‘high risk’ list in the Balearic Hotspot Awards. An unworthy Oscar in anyone’s book.

Our placing on the ‘extreme level’ list was sadly due to a sudden spike in numbers per ratio against the number of inhabitants which make up our township’s population.

The almost overnight rise from ‘hero zero’ to twelve explosive positive Covid cases signified a gigantic and shocking leap of infections within our small village community. Hence the horrific headlines!

Friends and family, not only from outside of the village but off the island, were mortified at the news. “How has this happened?”

They asked in disbelief, rightly assuming that a small, rural village/town with a trifling population of around 1,074 inhabitants would be one of the safest places in Mallorca to escape the pandemic. How has our village suddenly erupted into a Covid hotspot?

Mancor de la Vall lies just 5 kilometers north of Inca, dozing on the southern slopes of the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range, nestling within a cozy surround of quaint, stone houses, cobbled streets and squares.

With literally no passing traffic, our small town is indeed, by its geographical location alone, the very end of the line. And should therefore be one of the easiest of places to shield from Covid 19.

Apart from the regular onslaught of cyclists, we are remotely visited by outsiders.

Many people know where we are, but unless you have a cousin, twice removed on your uncle’s side who once danced with a girl who had a nephew who worked for someone who was married to a boy from Mancor, then probably or not, you might not be inclined to visit.

It’s a beautiful place but generally off most people’s radar. We have good Mallorcan friends, born and raised in Pollensa, who until we came to live here had never been to Mancor de la Vall.

As a small village community, living through the trauma of lockdowns whilst embracing the subsequent year of safe Covid protocol, the majority of ‘Mancorins’ have behaved relatively responsibly, whilst struggling with an unquestionable desire to get their ‘fiesta forward’ lifestyle back on track.

And generally, in the wake of the virus, up until now, we have all done OK.

Of course, in all societies, there is bound to be a misguided minority who flaunt rules and regulations, considering themselves exempt or above the ethical and moral code of others, disrespecting the strict and responsible code we have all been adhering to for this past year.

Therefore, unbelievably, even with 12 months of advice, warnings, and constant reminders from the Town Hall to maintain safe Covid protocol, a family in Mancor thought it would be OK, and totally acceptable to throw a sleep-over/pyjama party for their children, illegally mixing households, with friends from both inside and out of the village community.

Like all small towns, news in Mancor travels faster than a prawn across a paella pan, so local bongos have been drumming overtime, and it’s not boding well that one thoughtless family have not only successfully infected members of their own close family, but have effectively spread and elevated the virus infections from zero to twelve in one foul swoop!

I would imagine that the family in question are feeling somewhat embarrassed by their decision to throw such a reckless party without apparent thought or consequence for their own family members, or the village community in general!

Or maybe the embarrassment is solely because everyone currently knows of their foolishness? Of course, no one in the family wanted or meant for this rise in infections to happen.

No-one in their right mind would think this was an intentional and deliberate act to spread Covid to all their friends, family and loved ones.

But didn’t the parents who organised the sleep-over, or any of the other parents who let their children attend, have a sense or inkling that this kind of activity was totally off the cards?

Mixing households has been a big no-no since the beginning, and regularly highlighted as being the biggest, most singular cause of virus transmission since day dot. Covid-19 is commonly spread through close contact and travels in respiratory drops.

So which part of the continuous warnings did these people not get? Or did they simply choose to ignore the risk? Would they even think of doing it again?

Research suggests that a disregard for rules and regulations is a common trait found in anti-social behaviour studies. Studies report that most offenders will continue with disregard and continue to offend.

Judging by the recorded actions of a cavalier minority who seem to thrive on risk, then the answer to, “will they do it again?” is possibly yes!

I really struggle to understand the existence of any competent reasoning behind such disrespectful behaviour. And like most people in Mancor, I am so disappointed that our village has been spiked, and placed on top of such a devastating list.

We should be learning to live alongside the virus NOT encouraging it or letting it in. Our actions and everything we do in these current times of Covid crisis has an impact on others.

The sooner we start considering and pull together, the quicker we will be out of this mess. Then we can all pick up with celebration, move forward and once again start enjoying our beautiful island of Mallorca to the full.

I sincerely hope that the family in question have not come into contact with anyone shielding an underlying health condition, and have a swift and safe recovery with no long term Covid problems.

I also hope it will affect their future behaviour in the positive.
Here in Mancor de la Vall the idea is to shine a light . . . not start a fire!