For legal residents in Spain, the vast majority will have a social security health card and the Spanish government could use this to the country’s favour with regards to phase one of reviving tourism with the focus being on the domestic market.

With the PCR paperwork, countries around Europe and the world have already witnessed counterfeit documents being used, the black market is booming. I’ve read reports of fake positive PCR documents being sold for 50 pounds in the UK and I know from friends who work in the health service here in Spain that they are easy to forge. And then we could be looking at the vaccine passport, no doubt that will be forgeable too. But, in both cases, albeit it having a PCR or any other form of Covid test or the vaccine, some form of contact with the medical service is going to be required.

So, why can’t the results of any or all Covid tests and the fact that vaccines have been administered not be logged on the health cards? It would remove the need for paperwork, not to mention the potential danger posed by forgeries, and make controlling the movement of people, especially domestic travellers and tourists in Spain much easier.
All the authorities, be they police or border control staff , would have to do is just swipe the biometric card and all the information would be there to see.