To be honest, I was never a great fan of Queen Elizabeth. I am a royalist but the British monarch was not one of my favourites. But after watching the excellent Netflix series, The Crown, my opinion of Queen Elizabeth has changed.

Yes, I do realise that the series is fiction and some would say that it is far away from the facts but I view the Queen in a different way. I now believe that she is a remarkable women and an outstanding monarch.

After watching an episode of The Crown I found myself researching the storyline to see if there was an ounce of fact or whether it was just myths and half truths. So I was glued to my armchair on Sunday night to watch her address to the nation and the Commonwealth and I wasnt disappointed. It was a speech which was delivered in that usual calm and collected way with praise for those who deserve praise.

But there were a couple of sentences which caught my imagination and stirred my feelings. Queen Elizabeth alongside her late sister, Princess Margaret, gave her first address to the nation in 1940 to children who were evacuated from London because of the Nazi bombing campaign. The Queen´s first speech was actually directly focused on these children who boarded trains in London for a life in the country, where they would be safe but a long away from their friends and family.

We may be in lockdown but thanks to modern technology we are not alone and our ordeal at the moment can´t be compared to those poor and brave children who were sent away at such a young age.