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Porto Cristo, Mallorca

The separatists of Porto Cristo

Porto Cristo, its name having been separated into two words, has ambitions to be an independent municipality.

Andrew Ede

Winter tourism in Mallorca

Mallorca winter wonderland

It may be a little chilly out there but it is no way near as cold as the UK and low-season bookings for Spain and the Balearics are holding up well.

Humphrey Carter

British products seen at a supermarket

Back to the drawing board

The great trading nation promised with Brexit has not come about; in fact it is more difficult to get British products.

Jason Moore

General view of Soller

Embracing change in the Soller Valley

All these factors contribute to the commuter feel where the only people in town during the day are the carers of young children and the elderly.

Shirley Roberts

General view of Snowdonia

Free to roam when you are young

Sad stories like this serve to remind us not to sweat the small stuff as life can be cut short in a whisper.

Anna Nicholas

Chambao 'Ahí estás tú' and the 'Andalucía te quiere' ad

Advertising Mallorca: Being responsible means being emotional

Powerful messaging is required rather than relying on a responsible tourism pledge via a website.

Andrew Ede

New demonstrations aginst the amnesty in Madrid

Spanish government doubts

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has managed to cobble together a macro coalition but very few people honestly think he will be able to keep it together for the next four years.

Humphrey Carter

Spain's PM Sanchez chairs first new cabinet meeting

I’m all right Jack in Spain!

“A government formed by a party which didn´t even win the election propped up by Spain’s most wanted man....”

Jason Moore

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