You can see Rafa Nadal's luxury catamarn and, in the background, his new mansion in Porto Cristo. | Ultima Hora

Everything is ready for Rafa Nadal and Mery Perelló to open their new and impressive house in Porto Cristo. If the deadlines are met, they will be living there this month. The house, situated on a plot of 7.000 square metres in the highest part of Porto Cristo, is made up of four built volumes, a garden and a swimming pool. But the most remarkable thing may be the views from this mansion, with an impressive panoramic view of the port of Porto Cristo from where he will be able to 'keep an eye' on his already famous 370 metre catamaran, which he used for the first time last year.

The Manacor tennis player acquired the land for his new house a decade ago, which included a typical Mallorcan stone villa and other smaller constructions totalling more than 1,000 square metres. The complex belonged to the heirs of one of the owners of the Caves of Drach. It is an area of great sentimental and family value to Rafa Nadal, and over the last ten years it has all been torn down to meet the needs of Nadal and his family.

Rafa's new home: Photo: Joan Llado.
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Designed by the Mallorcan architect Tomeu Esteva, two and a half years after the project was licensed, the works are already well advanced, as can be seen in the latest photos that have been taken, with the construction of the exteriors almost completely finished. The house consists of two interconnected, two-storey buildings and a basement. Both buildings are topped with a hipped roof, which extends generously to protect the large terraces on the first and first floors.

Construction began shortly after his wedding in October 2019, and after a few construction stoppages that sparked all kinds of rumours, Rafa Nadal's new home is now practically ready. All that remains is for the family to fill it with life. And given that he won't be competing at Roland Garros this year, it may be sooner than we think.