Dominic West plays Prince Charles in The Crown. | Joan Llado

On a beach in Mallorca lies a very valuable item belonging to Dominic West who is currently starring as Prince Charles in series five of The Crown.

In an interview he told Town&Country that on set, he grew quite attached to one accessory in Charles’s wardrobe: his signature gold signet ring, which he wears on his pinky.

“That’s the last thing I put on, and that’s when I feel I’m him, I’m ready to go,” he said.
So imagine the actor’s dismay when he lost it during the first week of filming.

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The ensemble cast was out in full force to film a beach scene on Mallorca (which stands in for Italy this season), complete with a volleyball game on the sand and jet skis circling in the water.
“There was a lot going on,” he recalls with a chuckle.

“Halfway through the take, you didn’t want to go, ‘Cut, cut, cut, I’m not ready!’” While he was throwing a ball, the ring flew off his finger. He channeled the Windsors’ “Carry on” mantra and kept going. “I sort of tried to hide it by scrambling around in the sea,” he said, until the boys started playing volleyball and he saw it disappear into the sand.

Despite his best efforts to find it later, it was gone and is still somewhere on a Mallorcan beach.