Kevin Dillon is due to film new series in Mallorca. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The cameras do not appear to stop rolling in Mallorca and the productions are getting bigger and bigger.

And now Kevin Dillion, the brother of Matt Dillon and who starred as Bunny in Platoon, is due to film a new series in Mallorca.

At the moment, Kevin is starring is Bruce Willis’s last and latest film Wire Room.
The movie was shot last December, about three months before Willis’s family announced he would be stepping away from acting due to his aphasia diagnosis, which can impact cognitive abilities.

Dillon said the production moved quickly, like the pace of the film’s adventure. In the movie, Dillon plays a federal agent who is regulated to a desk job in a surveillance center known as the “wire room.”

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Willis plays a Homeland Security agent who runs the room. The film also stars Oliver Trevena, Cameron Douglas - son of Michael and regular visitor to Mallorca - and Shelby Cobb. Matt Eskandari directs.