Playa de Palma, Mallorca

Majorca tourism

Mallorca technology leading European tourism data sharing project

The aim is to strengthen tourism competitiveness and improve customer experiences in the European Union.

Andrew Ede

A drowning in Peguera, Mallorca

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Drowning in Paguera

Medics and police spent half an hour trying to revive him.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

National Police in Mallorca

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Man critical after being kicked in the neck

The attacker fled the scene; the National Police homicide squad is in charge of the investigation.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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Spanish economy continues to struggle.

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Spanish economic growth slows

Earlier this month, the Bank of Spain lowered its growth forecast.

Marta Serafinko24/06/2022 10:48

Sign for no swimming in Palma, Mallorca

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Appeal against Palma Bay faecal spills court ruling

This concerns the environment ministry and an alleged failure to sanction the municipal services agency.

Andrew Ede24/06/2022 08:52

Palma town hall building, Mallorca

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Palma town hall official charged with stealing fines cash

He was arrested on Wednesday and charged with embezzlement of public funds.

Andrew Ede24/06/2022 07:51

Sant Joan fiestas in Palma, Mallorca

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The return of the magic of Sant Joan Eve

People took to the beaches, while demons ran with fire.

Andrew Ede24/06/2022 07:24

The cruise ship Celebrity Edge docked in Palma

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Find out which cruise ships are in Palma's port today

There are three cruise ships due in port: Silver Dawn, MSC Meraviglia and Celebrity Edge.

Christina Buchet24/06/2022 07:00

Palma airport.


Airport delays

“Palma airport was not prepared for Brexit and British tourists are paying the price...”

Jason Moore24/06/2022 06:00

Naked man in Palma, Mallorca in August 2021


Don't pee in the sea

Not all regulations for beaches and elsewhere are daft.

Andrew Ede23/06/2022 12:58

Many taxis are camping out at the airport for the dream ticket client.

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Taxi nightmare in Palma

400 cabs off the roads due to a lack of drivers.

Humphrey Carter23/06/2022 12:12

Ronaldo has been keeping fit in Mallorca with some dancing!


Ronaldo shows some moves in Mallorca

Ronaldo shows off his dancing skills in a rare funny TikTok video. Take a look.

Humphrey Carter23/06/2022 11:35

Emergency services at an accident in Palma, Mallorca

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Palma worker dies after falling from a roof

The accident occurred on the Son Castelló industrial estate.

Andrew Ede23/06/2022 11:16

Palma is the most expensive capital in Spain to buy property


Flats with terraces in the Balearic Islands, an increasingly expensive luxury

The pandemic has opened our eyes to the outdoors, creating an imperative need to connect our home with the open air.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter23/06/2022 10:42

Chambermaid in a Mallorca hotel

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Average Balearics salary below the national figure

An explanation for this lower average is the high number of employees on 'fijo discontinuo' contracts.

Andrew Ede23/06/2022 09:26