From left to right: British Consul General MBE Lloyd Milen, Balearic President Marga Prohens and Susanna Sciacovelli Director of Tourism demand and hospitality on the Council of Mallorca. | Jason Moore


What are the forecasts for summer 2024 and will Mallorca have a good season?
As the UK’s largest airline and tour operator to Mallorca, we are looking ahead to Summer 2024 with a lot of confidence. After another wet and gloomy UK summer this year, it is very clear that holidaymakers are looking ahead to Summer 24 by booking their holidays to the sunshine.
As usual, Mallorca is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to where people want to go, so we are looking forward to another great summer on the island.

Mallorca is one of your leading holiday destinations, will it continue to be so?
Mallorca has always been a key destination for us, and I can assure readers of the Majorca Daily Bulletin that it always will be.

We have consistently increased capacity to the island and that growth will continue for both Summer 24 and Summer 25.
We have a new route to Mallorca from Liverpool for Summer 24, we have new resorts such as Colonia St Jordi, and we have new hotels too.
With more seats and hotels on sale than ever, we are working hard to fill those aircraft and hotels with happy holidaymakers.

The island is facing competition from cheaper resorts in the eastern Mediterranean. Do you think that this will affect Mallorca’s market share?
I have been asked this same question for many years, and I have always said that our commitment to Mallorca – coupled with the demand from customers – means that there is far more to be excited about then concerned about. I am not claiming to be some kind of oracle, but our continued growth shows that people are still very much booking Mallorca holidays in their droves.
There are customers who have holidayed in Mallorca for years who will never change that habit, coupled with customers who are new to the island and are discovering the huge array of things that make it the perfect holiday destination.

You are now Britain’s biggest travel company, what is your recipe for success?
Providing the best customer service in the industry is what drives our success.
We have always said that if you treat your customers like a VIP they will book with you time and time again, and that has very much been the case with Jet2holidays.

People work hard and save hard for their holidays and, for many people, it’s the one time in the whole year that they get to enjoy genuinely quality time with the ones they love.
We put every ounce of effort into making sure they have the best experience when they go away with us. Our award-winning teams deserve a huge amount of credit for the way we look after our customers, and that has played a fundamental role in our continued success and growth.

Steve Heapy , Chief Executive Officer at Jet2 & Jet2holidays.

Do you intend to continue with your expansion in the Balearics?
We have just enjoyed a fantastic summer season in the Balearics and with even more flights and holidays on sale, we are very much continuing to grow our presence right across the Balearics whilst working in partnership with hoteliers.

Because we own an airline, we invest significantly into the Balearics as we have to capacity to fill. That means the priorities of and Jet2holidays are perfectly in step with hoteliers in Mallorca, Minorca and Ibiza because we are in the business of filling seats and they are in the business of filling beds. That means that nobody works harder than Jet2holidays to fill hotels, because we have to sell seats on our flights too.

On top of that, our award-winning service, our financial strength and the fantastic relationships we have with hoteliers mean that we have extreme confidence in our successful business.
As the UK’s leading airline and tour operator to Mallorca and to the Balearics, we have millions of seats on sale and we are looking ahead with real excitement to the future.

If you could make changes to Mallorca’s tourist industry, what would they be?
It is important to remember that UK holidaymakers make an enormous contribution to the local economy, so we want to make sure we can do everything we can to encourage that, whilst of course looking after the needs of the island too.
We continue to engage with the Government and the authorities to ensure our customers enjoy the best experience when on holiday.

From speaking to customers, we know they feel that All Inclusive bookings should not have alcohol limits imposed on them, even if they are staying in areas that face restrictions.
As the vast majority of customers on these bookings are families, we believe this simple move would improve the customer experience whilst having no impact on anti-social behaviour.

If you could go on holiday anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Readers of Majorca Daily Bulletin will know the answer to this. In fact, I think I guaranteed that if I was asked again I would give the same answer, so here it is – Mallorca!
I have visited the island at least once every year for as long as I can remember, as it is quite simply the perfect holiday destination.

In just one short enjoyable hop from the UK you can reach the best beaches, hotels and restaurants in the best climate.
I was back there in 2023 and I’ll be back there in 2024. I cannot wait to get back, and I cannot wait to answer this easy question the next time you ask me too!