London Fair

The president of the Mallorca Hotel Federation of (FEHM), Maria Frontera in London today.

More British tourists are visiting Mallorca outside peak season

"Mallorca is consolidating its position as a quality destination far beyond the sun and beach product.”

Humphrey Carter

London World Travel Market 2023

"Mallorca is quite simply the perfect holiday destination"

"As the UK’s leading airline and tour operator to Mallorca and to the Balearics, we have millions of seats on sale and we are looking ahead with real excitement to the future."

Jason Moore

The Balearic authorities at the World Travel Market in London.

A tourist is a friend in Mallorca

A year is a long time in politics and this year there is a new message, come to Mallorca, you are more than welcome.

Jason Moore

The Mayor of Calvia, Juan Antonio Amengual.

“Everybody is welcome in Calvia, we want everyone to live and holiday in harmony, respect the laws and have a wonderful experience”

“A new Law of Responsible Tourism will be introduced and it will apply to the whole of the Balearics because we all know that foreign tourists are not to blame for all of the antisocial behaviour.”

Humphrey Carter

The British continue to dominate the Balearic tourism market.

UK is number 1 again in the Balearics in 2023

Holidaymakers and tour operators love the island for all the positives it has and which far outweigh any negatives.

Andrew Ede

The Balearic President Marga Prohens at the World Travel Market this morning.

The British love affair with the Balearics shows no sign of going away

The Balearic government wants more tourists to come to the islands during the winter season and the UK travel industry likes the idea.

Jason Moore

Balearic President says British market has performed “exceptionally well” this season

The British are already interested in visiting the Balearics from before May until November, which means that the season is getting longer.

Humphrey Carter

British Consul General, Lloyd Milen and Mayor of Calvia, Juan Antonio Amengual

For Calvia and Saint George, the talking point in London

Palmanova and Magalluf will be celebrating Saint George’s day next April with everyone agreeing that it is a great idea.

Jason Moore

8 must-visit restaurants for your next Mallorca getaway

I feel privileged to have been able to recommend over 50 good, great and incredible places so far...

Mia Naprta

The Balearics is heading to the World Travel Market.

Tourism declaration of a monumental waste of time?

Magalluf is now a resort minus balconing injuries or worse and that Magalluf, along with beaches in other Calvia resorts, will have its beach open all year.

Andrew Ede

Record year for tourism.

What a fantastic year for tourism in the Balearics

Another that is now really starting to hit home is climate change.

Andrew Ede

He noted that 70% of the jobs created in the third quarter were taken by foreigners

Spain's job creation sped up during tourism's bumper summer

The service sector led job creation thanks to a strong summer season in Spain with tourism returning to pre-pandemic levels.

MDB Digital

London calling for Mallorca, new tourism plan and the Bulletin arrives

London calling for Mallorca, new tourism plan and the Bulletin arrives

"Island-wide law which governs bad behaviour will be introduced..."

Jason Moore

Discover the best of Mallorca with our top 5's

Discover the best of Mallorca with our top 5's

Take a look at our list of top 5 markets, fairs, attractions etc for the ultimate visit to the island.

Ashlee Caliz

Christmas in Palma

Mallorca's vibrant calendar: Our top events of the year

Mallorca hosts year-round festivities, from Christmas lights to music festivals, offering diverse cultural and entertainment experiences.

Ashlee CalizChristina Buchet