Brexit and British visitors

Brexit and British vistors to the island.


Humphrey Carter in his comment piece on the 90 day ruling has it right. Since Brexit, Brits can only stay on the island 90 days in every 180 which has alarmed many home and business owners and will deter others from buying and investing in Mallorca. Given the importance of British visitors to Mallorca could not the authorities grant an exception to this rule and allow longer stays?

Another sunshine island that has done this is Barbados which grants annual stay visas to overseas visitors in return for a fee. Is this a measure that Mallorca could consider offering? Long stay visitors are highly desirable to Mallorca. They invest and spend money on the island being well able to afford wining and dining, entertainment, shopping and other expenses. Deterring these visitors will greatly damage the island's economy.

Dr Mohsen Ebeid


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Oliver / Hace 8 days

Hopefully there can be a pragmatic solution, it feels like it would definitely help the economy


Marvin / Hace 10 days

There’s no point agreeing or disagreeing with it. And there is no point isolating Mallorca or Spain on the 90 day rule. It is an EU rule for 3rd party countries. Which Britain now is. Thanks to Brexit. If you want to stay longer, get a visa. If the EU were to relax this rule they’d expect the same in return. Little hope of that with the increase disagreements souring the relationship.


Fred / Hace 11 days

Britain is out of the EU, so it should be treated like any other third country. You vote Brexit you suffer the consequences.


David / Hace 11 days

Many disagreed with me when I said the 90 day rule and Spain’s 50% Brits tourists dependency would drive tourists to other territory and damage Spain’s tourism income. Valencia’s mayor has been very vocal about the serious financial affect I that area. The Caribbean has always been pretty relaxed on how long you stay as long as you can support yourself and can afford a ticket home. As one official said to me in Saint Lucia stay as long as yo like enjoy your stay and spend your money with us. He was the tax officer I met at a jazz bar he also gave advice on how not to get bitten by mosquito drink rum. You don’t get that service in the European Union


Steve / Hace 11 days

Suck it up Brits. You voted Brexit and get what you deserve. Can't stand whingeing Brits who want their cake and eat it. Incidentally how is that Brexit thing going? Doesn't look to good from where I am sitting 😂