It has been wonderful to feel the enthusiasm around the school, | Academy International School


At The Academy International School we have had a brilliant start to 2024. We were delighted to welcome all the students back and the teachers were ready with exciting new topics and details of the activities that will be taking place this term. Starting a new year gives time for reflection and moving forward with determination and aspirations. The students spoke about their goals and resolutions for 2024, and the teachers spoke about strategies to achieve these goals. It has been wonderful to feel the enthusiasm around the school, despite the rainy weather and the cold mornings.

Rules of the Road

Very year our primary students have workshops with the local police tutor. He explains all the rules for using bicycles safely. Students are always very attentive and ask many interesting questions. Year 1 also had a visit from the police and were very excited to learn all about their work.

The children were able to experience riding in a police car, listening to the different sirens and using the police radio to talk. They learned all about the role of the police and the children came up with multiple questions which showed their great enthusiasm. They finished off with giggles by being locked in ‘jail’ at the back of the police van!

Maths is Fun

Year 7 enjoyed their maths class this week playing ‘Angle battleships’ following their week of learning how to identify, measure and draw different types of angles.

Young Chemists

The IB DP1 chemistry students were back in the lab this week doing an experiment to calculate the molar enthalpy changes for different alcohols. The IB chemistry course combines the theory with many practical experiments so that the students learn the course content with a very hands-on approach.