Last week was Reach Out Week UK and at The Academy School we did lots of activities to promote antibullying and to reflect on having positive class groups, choosing to be kind and reaching out to others with support. We used resources from the UK and from the KiVa antibullying programme which we follow at school.

All the children in our Junior School got together to be a united, positive and kind group. They were so happy to see the big heart shape they made together. A huge thanks to Aldred, from DP1, who was so professional with the filming and photography.

In Spanish lessons in the Early Years the children talked about what make us feel happy or sad. A big collective hug was a really lovely way to express their friendship!

Year 5 discussed the value of kindness and how one word can affect their feelings. Each pupil wrote a kind word to describe their peers. There were lots of smiles exchanged, they were very happy to see what their peers thought of them. They discussed the impact that these words had on them and how if they were hurtful words, how this would make them feel. Therefore, understanding the impact that their words have on others!