Year 10 students studying renewable energy resources | Queen's College

Most of us dream of a paperless school but with written exams this can't happen yet. Good news however - the technology is now in place and a transition to on screen exams is happening in some countries. The students at Queen’s College however, firmly believe that until we have this, we should still aim to reduce our paper consumption and use recycled paper.

Students are also aware of a need to make the switch to renewable energy resources to power the gigawatts of energy consumed by hungry servers providing our networks and cloud systems, as well as the mobile phones and laptops constantly on charge.

The pupils at Queen’s are considering which renewable energy resources will best meet our needs. A parent who is a renewables specialist kindly joined the Year 7 science lesson to share information about renewable use here in Spain!

A parent and renewable energy specialist explaining renewable energy to our Year 7 students

The Queen’s College students have been exploring the best energy resources island wide, including exciting new projects in both Lloseta and Petra where 6 hectares and 10 hectares respectively of solar photovoltaic panels have been erected for electricity generation to make hydrogen fuel that can be used to power vehicles, including ferries, and heat hotels eliminating carbon emissions.

Students have been investigating this as a better solution as opposed to simply burning rubbish at Son Reus for electricity generation.

Year 13 students and their chemistry teacher using their hydrogen fuel powered model car

The Year 11 students loved their visit to Son Reus just before Christmas. Everyone needs to visit Son Reus at least once in order to fully comprehend the mountains of rubbish we produce each day on this tiny island. Achieving a target of zero waste in school will be our students’ greatest ongoing challenge!