Britons will be forced off the roads in Spain from Friday. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

From Friday, scores of British residents in Spain will no longer be able to drive on a UK driving licence plus the licence exchange system is still flawed.

The DGT Spanish traffic department is continuing to refuse to accept paper licences, despite assurances from the British Embassy that according to the latest agreement between the British and Spanish governments, paper licences are valid.

Well they are not and the DGT in Palma has made that blatantly clear to the Bulletin and judging by comments on social media platforms, it is not just in Mallorca where traffic departments are adamant that paper licences are not valid.

What is more, for British residents in Spain who no longer have a place of residence in the UK, they cannot exchange their paper licence for a new biometric one the DVLA has told the Bulletin.

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So, for those expatriates in Spain who have a paper licence, which are valid until they expire in the UK and other EU countries, as of Friday, the latest deadline in what will surely be the last window, they can no longer drive on a UK licence although they can drive a hire car.

The Bulletin is aware of a number of cases in Mallorca of expatriates who are extremely frustrated and have no idea of what to do because being unable to drive is going to seriously disrupt their lives.

The ambassador has been stressing the need for expats to exchange their licences but the trouble is for those who have paper ones, they cannot which means that the only solution is to take a Spanish driving test but that is easier said that done for Britons of a certain age, not to mention the cost.

The embassy is aware of the problem, it has been for the past five months, but it does not appear to have been resolved and this is a crunch week for British residents in Spain.