Paper driving licences without a photograph are not being recognised. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

It appears that there is a flaw in the UK driving licence exchange deal which has been reached with the Spanish authorities - paper driving licences without a photograph are not being recognised.

The Bulletin has been contacted by a number of British residents in Mallorca who have come up against this latest hitch and have said they are again feeling very frustrated and “saddened” by yet another complication which appears to have been overlooked.

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The paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence was abolished in June 2015 but all paper licences issued prior to that, providing they have not expired, are still valid in the UK and overseas, the DVLA told the Bulletin.

In fact, the DVLA is well aware of this latest problem and has a special British government document which it is sending by email to British residents in Spain who are being refused a Spanish licence because the Spanish are refusing to accept the paper licence.

In the meantime, getting an appointment with the DGT Spanish traffic authorities is another nightmare, with many Britons forced to pay a gestor to secure one and also manage their paperwork.