The British Ambassador to Spain Hugh Elliott. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The British Embassy in Madrid has today issued an update regarding negotiations about the validity of UK driving licenses in Spain and judging by the reaction on Facebook - Brits in Spain - it has not been well received with talk of a protest demonstration being organised.

The statement reads: “Many of you have told us you were worried by the lack of an update over the last two weeks. Please be assured that work continues intensively between the British and Spanish authorities, even when we don’t post. And, of course, the events of last week overtook all of our communications.

"We recognise that the negotiations are taking longer than we anticipated and longer than either you or we want. We know that, above all else, you want to know when you will be able to drive.

"We are genuinely making progress on resolving the outstanding points but, for reasons we’ve explained before, we cannot be definitive about the timescale. So, as we have always said, if it is imperative that you drive, our advice remains to consider taking a test, though we recognise that this can take some time.

"We also know you would like more detail on what the hold-up is, but the outstanding issues are complex and we cannot comment on all the detail.

"We know that this is frustrating to hear and we don’t underestimate the huge impact this is having on those of you affected.

"As soon as we are able to provide a further update we will, but we are afraid that we cannot respond to every individual message that comes in. However, as soon as we have new information we will make it public.”

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