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British Ambassador Hugh Elliott

British Ambassador gives a video update on Britons driving in Spain

May be wise to consider taking a Spanish driving test.

Humphrey Carter

The green certificate.

Exchange your Spanish residence document without delay, says Age in Spain

"Many people feel that since the paper certificate is valid indefinitely, it’s preferable to the TIE which needs to be renewed every ten years...."

A conversation with Hugh Elliott, the British Ambassador to Spain

British ambassador: We want tourists to stay safe

The British ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott paid a short but very productive visit to the Balearics this week.

Jason Moore

Blow for some British residents in Spain.

British residents face breaking the bank to get a Spanish driving licence

Spain is one of the most expensive countries in the world to get a driving licence.

Humphrey Carter

Many British expats may have to take a Spanish driving test.

Spain blamed for sparking UK driving licence row

The UK has reached agreements with a number of EU countries.

Humphrey Carter

Bad news for British expatriates.

UK driving licences no longer valid in Spain

Embassy still confident of a deal being reached.

Humphrey Carter