The district round the Cathedral is one of the most exclusive in Spain. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Palma neighbourhoods of La Seu-Montisión, around the Cathedral, and Son Vida are among the ten most exclusive areas in Spain for buying a home, with prices exceeding 5,000 euros per square metre, according to a report by the real estate portal Idealista.

The study starts at 5,000 euros per square metre, but there are districts that far exceed this figure, such as Recoletos, one of the most select neighbourhoods in the Salamanca district of Madrid, and by far the most expensive in Spain, at 8,793 euros per square metre.

In the case of the Balearic capital, there are certain differences between the almost 73 square metres that can be bought in La Seu-Cort-Monti-Sion or Son Vida, compared to the almost 100 square metres that can be bought in the Sant Agustí neighbourhood with a budget of half a million euros.

In the Palma areas of Génova, Paseo Marítimo and Sa Llotja, half a million euros would cover 75 and 79 square metres, according to Idealista.

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The most expensive urban districts in the country are distributed, above all, between Madrid, Barcelona, Palma and San Sebastián, and there are just over 40 areas with prices that exceed 5,000 euros per square metre on average.