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Property rental prices in Palma are continuing to rise.

Mallorca rents hit record high

Rental prices in Palma are going through the roof.

Humphrey Carter

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Cathy Caliz

Change of British government appears to have slowed talks between UK and Spain down.

UK driving licence dispute in Spain could depend on Truss

"We want the situation to be as similar as possible to what it was before Brexit".

Humphrey Carter

Striking truck drivers protest over high fuel prices and working conditions in Madrid,

Spanish ruling coalition proposes windfall tax on utilities and banks

The tax will only apply to companies with a turnover of at least 1 billion euros in 2019.Spain

No concerns of a winter energy shortage in the Balearics.

Balearics will not run out of energy this winter

Balearic government making sure the Balearics does not need to depend on foreign energy supplies.

Humphrey Carter

Balearic property prices are at near record highs.

Balearic property prices burst 2007 bubble

Prices have never been so high in the Balearics.

Humphrey Carter

Balearic inflation spiked in August.

Cost of living rockets in the Balearics above the national average

House prices in the Balearics have shot up by 22.9 %.

Humphrey Carter

Schumacher is expected to spend the winters in Mallorca.

Michael Schumacher will need large medical team in Mallorca

Michael Schumacher expected to starts spending the winters at their Mallorcan estate.

Humphrey Carter

A heartbroken Victoria McManaman.

Steven McManaman sells the family home in Mallorca

“I am devastated. Mallorca has been a very special part of our lives for so long now."

Humphrey Carter

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