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Change of British government appears to have slowed talks between UK and Spain down.


UK driving licence dispute in Spain could depend on Truss

"We want the situation to be as similar as possible to what it was before Brexit".

Humphrey Carter



Outstanding GCSE Results at Mallorca International School

We provide an environment that allows our students to feel safe, supported and encouraged

Mallorca International School

The British Ambassador to Spain Hugh Elliott.


UK driving licence in Spain negotiations update or not...

"For reasons we’ve explained before, we cannot be definitive about the timescale."

Humphrey Carter

Striking truck drivers protest over high fuel prices and working conditions in Madrid,


Spanish ruling coalition proposes windfall tax on utilities and banks

The tax will only apply to companies with a turnover of at least 1 billion euros in 2019.Spain

Schumacher is expected to spend the winters in Mallorca.


Michael Schumacher will need large medical team in Mallorca

Michael Schumacher expected to starts spending the winters at their Mallorcan estate.

Humphrey Carter

The new TIE residence cards.


Mallorca Brexit; what we know now and what we didn't know then

Previously, non-resident holiday home owners would spend long periods at their second homes.

Jason Moore

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A heartbroken Victoria McManaman.


Steven McManaman sells the family home in Mallorca

“I am devastated. Mallorca has been a very special part of our lives for so long now."

Humphrey Carter13/09/2022 09:33

Retiring to the Balearics is still very attractive for many Britons.


Spain still top retirement destination for Britons

Cost of living is making more Britons consider moving abroad.

Humphrey Carter10/09/2022 09:58

The director of the world-famous Pirates Adventure Show in Magalluf, Richie Prior


“Mallorcan politicians need to be asking what young people want, not deciding for them...”

"The politicians should be asking young people want they like to do, get more engaged on the ground..."

Humphrey Carter07/09/2022 14:47

The Second Vice-President and Minister of Employment and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz.


Spain wants to cap the prices of basic foodstuffs

“Spanish employers have to be up to the task: they have to revalue wages".

Humphrey Carter06/09/2022 10:24

Tourism is expected to drop quickly.


Spanish services sector growth slows to a crawl in August

Many Balearic businesses in the tourist sector may close this winter.

Humphrey Carter/agencies05/09/2022 11:19



Queen's College - Celebrating Exam Results

Prizes and diplomas were given out at a special ceremony held on Friday 26 August.

Queen's College02/09/2022 08:15

The Test clinics are now in Mallorca


Men's health clinics come to Mallorca

The Test clinics only deal with issues related to men

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter01/09/2022 12:36