Ryanair is one of the airlines in the firing line. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The Consumers and Users Association of the Balearic s (Consubal) will appear this Thursday in the European Parliament’s Petitions Committee to demand a ban on the extra payment demanded by airlines if people wish to sit together.

Consubal filed a complaint against Ryanair and other low cost airlines for assigning separate seats for two or more people and claiming an extra charge if they want to travel together.

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The association stated that these companies “use an algorithm that assigns, deliberately and in order to obtain an extra profit, separate seats, so you must pay an extra of between 20 and 30 euros if you want to travel together”.

The president of Consubal, Alfonso Rodríguez, has argued that this practice is “contrary to the rights of consumers and users” and that it “could even affect the safety of the flight”.

After the processing of the complaint and the issuing of various reports by the EU, this Thursday Rodriguez will speak before MEPs to defend and demand that the EU issue a directive banning this practice, so it will be the third time that Consubal defends this measure before the committee, after overcoming different procedures.