Extra costs for tourists this year. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Spanish airport operator AENA has been given the green light to hike operating fees by 4.1 percent this year and the costs will not only hit air fares but other airport services especially as some of the county’s most popular tourist destinations like Mallorca and other Balearic airports.

The move has not been welcomed by the likes of Ryanair and other UK airlines which are still facing a cost of living squeeze and other economic factors which the general public is already having to overcome in order to go on holiday this year.

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According to AENA sources, the decision has been taken to ease the financial pressure caused by rising fuel prices and inflation.

The increase in operating fees has also been attacked because the rise in airport charges has been made in a context where, as of 1 January, CO2 emission rights are having to be paid on air tickets and at a time of “many uncertainties” with both the British and German markets, given that a rise of up to 20% in the price of tickets is predicted.