What can you carry on board a Ryanair flight? | DANIEL ESPINOSA


Ryanair's hand luggage rules allow for a few loopholes. Although you are only allowed to take one item of hand luggage with you, the airline cannot forbid you from wearing several T-shirts on top of each other or a winter jacket during boarding, according to several specialised portals. You can of course take them off afterwards. This saves space and weight in your hand luggage.

If you want to take it to the extreme, there are special jackets or waistcoats that supposedly offer space for up to ten additional kilograms. A bag from the duty-free shop can also be carried in addition to the permitted hand luggage.

Please note: At Ryanair, for example, a pillow or neck pillow may not officially be taken onto the aircraft in addition to hand luggage. This means that there is a risk of being asked to pay if the staff take a closer look. Other airlines allow pillows in addition to hand luggage.

As an alternative to large hand baggage, Ryanair also offers normal checked baggage. You can book 20 kg of checked baggage from 18 euros. Depending on the flight route and season (e.g. during the holidays or at Easter and Christmas), the airline can charge significantly more for checked baggage. When booking a flight, you may be charged up to 50 euros for checked baggage.