Planning a trip to Mallorca? Enhance your experience with these 10 essential Spanish phrases for a smooth and enjoyable holiday.

These phrases will help you communicate with locals, ask for directions, order food, and express gratitude. It's always helpful to learn a few basic phrases in the local language to show respect and enhance your travel experience.

1. Hola (oh-la) - Hello

2. Gracias (gra-see-as) - Thank you

3. Por favor (por fah-vor) - Please

4. ¿Dónde está...? (dohn-deh es-tah) - Where is...?

5. ¿Cuánto cuesta? (kwan-toh kwehs-ta) - How much does it cost?

6. No entiendo (noh en-tee-en-doh) - I don't understand

7. ¿Puede ayudarme? (pweh-deh ah-yoo-dar-meh) - Can you help me?

8. ¿Qué recomienda? (keh reh-koh-mee-en-dah) - What do you recommend?

9. ¿Dónde puedo encontrar un buen restaurante? (dohn-deh pweh-doh en-kon-trar oon bwen res-tau-ran-teh) - Where can I find a good restaurant?

10. Disculpe (dees-kool-peh) - Excuse me

Some other useful phrases inlclude:

11. Camarero, una cerveza porfavor! - Waiter, a beer please!

Alternatively you can ask for a 'Copa de vino' - A glass of wine OR Sangria which is pronounced exactly the same in both languages.

12. La cuenta - The bill

13. Buenos días - Good Morning; Buenas tardes - Good afternoon; Buenas noches - Good night

14. ¿Habla inglés? - Do you speak English? AND No hablo español - I don’t speak Spanish