The nighttime service in Palma is likely to suffer shortages. | Teresa Ayuga

Taxi associations are saying that some 300 taxis in Palma, around a quarter of the total fleet of 1,246, will be unavailable for the nighttime service due to a lack of drivers.

In their view, Palma town hall's announcement of creating 200 temporary licences for this summer is not viable. Biel Moragues of one of the associations believes that, at most, twenty of these temporary licences will be used. In addition to a lack of drivers, he points out that there are issues regarding the approval of vehicles and administrative processing, "which is slower than we would like".

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He emphasises that it will be "impossible" to issue all the licences for this summer. "We are not going to find the cars, the drivers or the taximeters. Nor will there be time to process the licences." Antoni Bauzá on behalf of another association is highly critical of Palma town hall and states that "the shortage of taxis at night will be widespread in Palma for yet another year".

Arnau Bisquerra, president of Taxis Palma Radio, says that the town hall's temporary licence measure "should have been launched three or four months ago, which is what we had called for". It is now too late to be effective. The town hall's mobility department, in his opinion, is "slow and ineffective".

Elsewhere on the island, measures to address taxi shortages include an agreement in the north of Mallorca for picking up fares. Alcudia, Muro, Pollensa and Santa Margalida taxis are due to ratify an agreement on Thursday by which drivers will be able to pick up from municipalities other than their own when taxis are unavailable.