At Palma Airport last December. | José Sevilla

The president of the Aviba association of travel agencies in the Balearics, Francesc Mulet, says that the price of tickets from Balearic airports to the mainland have gone up some 30% for the December holidays - the Constitution Day 'bridge' and Christmas. He adds that airlines have never previously applied such high prices for these dates.

This said, the demand for flights is very high, even at prices of up to 180 euros with the 75% residents' discount. According to Mulet, many flights are already fully booked. Noting that there wasn't the same level of demand prior to the pandemic, he partly attributes the bookings to the "desire" to travel.

The later the booking, he explains, the "more expensive" the flights will be. While the demand is there regardless, he is critical of airlines using the residents' discount "for their own benefit". The increase in fares, Mulet says, will apply until early January. "It is a situation which is unstoppable and to the detriment of the public."