Calls for an end of masks on planes in Spain. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Association of Airlines (ALA) and the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies (CEAV) have called on the Ministry of Health to eliminate the compulsory use of face mask on planes just like the rest of other countries of the European Union have done, taking into account “that the acute phase of the pandemic has been overcome, as the Government itself has acknowledged”.

Airlines and travel agencies have pointed out that it does not make sense to maintain the mandatory use of masks on airplanes, given the evolution of the pandemic at a global level and the epidemiological situation in Spain.

“It is necessary to eliminate the obligation to wear a mask inside the aircraft in order to reach normality and bring us into line with the rest of Europe, as its use has already been eliminated in all EU countries,” the ALA and CEAV agreed.

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They have also called on the Health Ministry to take the next step as soon as possible and abolish the use of face masks in airplanes in view of the fact that controls against Covid-19 have been eliminated in Spanish airports for all travellers.