More delays expected in Palma this week. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Britons flying to Mallorca and elsewhere in the Balearics on Friday could be hit by fresh delays when French air traffic controllers go on strike.

France’s DGAC aviation authority said it has asked airlines to halve their flight schedules on Friday, September 16, due to a planned strike by air traffic controllers.

The cuts affect the whole of France, the DGAC said in a statement, adding that it was currently working with the European air travel regulator Eurocontrol to help airlines avoid the country’s air space.

Strikes across the aviation industry, including ground and cabin personnel who seek to have their salaries adjusted to increased living costs amid high inflation caused severe disruptions to Europe’s summer traffic.

In July, several strikes by firefighters and staff at the French capital’s CDG hub led to cancellations and delays.

France’s SNCTA air control union in a statement cited inflation and its demand to hire more people as the reasons for the walkout.