British Airways has been cancelling flights in advance. | Reuters

ABTA, the UK travel association, has expressed its support for measures adopted by UK airports and airlines that are designed to limit flight disruption.

These measures, which will extend into the autumn, include Heathrow's passenger limit until October and British Airways cancellation of flights in advance in order to control its operations.

ABTA says that although decisions on passenger limits can be "controversial", they are necessary to maintain consumer confidence, a "critical factor for the industry". "These plans are intended to avoid disruption and uncertainty, which will make people feel more confident to travel."

The association is currently holding meetings with industry representatives regarding autumn and winter planning. It is also discussing the possible impact of high incidence rates of Covid or the emergence of new variants.

For Mallorca and the Balearics, and this is the case for much flight programming, there are two "seasons". Summer will conclude towards the end of October, and winter scheduling will last until late March.