Spain could be about to ease Covid travel entry rules for UK visitors. | BORJA SUAREZ

Providing the Spanish government sticks to its Covid travel plan, it should become much easier for non-vaccinated travellers from the UK to enter Mallorca and the rest of Spain from next week.

At the moment, Spain is still making sure that travellers from the UK either have proof of vaccination or a recovery certificate. However from May 15, these rules will change.

A statement from the Ministry of the Interior regarding the restrictions said: “This order will take effect from 12:00 pm on July 22, 2020, until 12:00 pm on May 15, 2022, without prejudice to its eventual modification to respond to a change in circumstances or new recommendations in the European Union”.

After May 15, it is expected that unvaccinated travellers will be able allowed to enter without proof of recovery from Covid-19 but the Spanish Government has yet to make its intentions clear.

At the moment, unvaccinated travellers aged 18 and over can only enter Spain by showing proof of recovery from Covid within the six months before travel.

This will come as good news because with this summer set to be one of the busiest the travel industry has seen in years, millions of Britons are expected to head to Spain this year.

Spain is a key destination for UK tourists. ABTA, the UK’s largest travel association, named Spain the most popular destination for tourists in 2022 - with some 29.3% of people surveyed saying they planned to visit the country this year.

But there are a number of new changes to watch out for. With many travellers also set to rent a car during their holiday, a new rule could see people slapped with fines.

The Telegraph reports that the Spanish government is demanding Britain hands over access to its vehicle owner database so it can chase up holidaymakers with fines if they depart the country. People could potentially return home with fines following in the post.