Lisa Celander at home in Mallorca. | Lisa Celander/Peacock


Mallorca may well be home to the UK and Australian editions of Love Island, but it is also home to the Scandinavian influencer and queen of Love Island and the Love Island Games, Lisa Celander, a Swedish-Norwegian reality TV star who gained fame after she appeared on Love Island Sverige (Season 3).

Love Island Games, a spin-off show of Love Island , was filmed in Fiji and is currently being screened after having concluded last week
27-year-old Lisa is a skin therapist by profession in between competing in Love Island in Sweden and in Fiji.

Set in Fiji, the first season of Peacock’s Love Island Games brought together fan-favourite Islanders from various Love Island series across the globe – USA, UK, Australia, France, Sweden and Germany – for a second shot at love as they competed in a brand-new format to be crowned champions of Love Island Games.

In this cheeky new iteration, romance met reality as fan-favourite Islanders were faced with both team and couples’ challenges, all while navigating dating, eliminations, recoupling, dramatic arrivals, and new competition twists and turns that helped control the game like never before. The difference between Love Island and Love Island Games is there is no voting from the audience.

The singles and couples’ performances during the challenges determine if they are on the chopping block for elimination.
Maya Jama hosted the new original series alongside UK comedian Iain Stirling, who reprised his role as narrator.

For how Lisa got on, you will have to watch the series. However, while searching for love in paradise, she found time to talk to the Bulletin about the island she loves very dearly, Mallorca.
Lisa is very active on Instagram. Currently, she has more than 18,000 followers on the platform and her Instagram feed is filled with beautiful snaps of her from her travels all over the world, not to mention Mallorca.

Q.— How does it feel to be the Scandinavian Queen of Love Island?
A. — I feel honoured to represent Scandinavia. It was incredible fun and a memory for life.

Q.— What has been the attraction of the Love Island reality shows for you?
A. — Mostly the experience, and some people actually find love on the show.
So I was like, “Why not? Could it be me?”
I am a person who goes with the flow, and I never thought I would be on Love Island again, but I saw this as an opportunity to get outside the borders of Sweden. Whatever life brings me, I’m open for it.

Q.— What did you honestly expect from being on the shows?
A. — I didn’t have a lot of expectations going into the show, more than to have a good time and see what it could bring me.

Q.— How was your experience in the two Love Island series you have appeared on?
A. — It was really different. “Normal” Love Island was not as fun as Love Island Games. With the games, it was more action, which suits me better.

Q.— What was Fiji like?
A. — Fiji was amazing, amazing people live there. But, I prefer the sea in Mallorca more.

Q.— How long have you lived in Mallorca and how did you come to the island?
A. — I’ve been living in Mallorca for four and a half years.

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Q.— What makes Mallorca such a special island for you?
A. — Mallorca to me is such a peaceful island, and I feel safe here living alone as a female.
It’s more of a couple island though, I would say.
It’s so close to Sweden but has better weather and nature.

Q.— Why do you think Scandinavians love Mallorca so much?
A. — Mallorca has the weather, beautiful surroundings, and is a nice place to live all year around.

Quick fire round

What’s your favourite meal or dish?
Asian fusion

What was your childhood career dream?

What’ s the first thing you do when you get up in the
Drink water and do my skin care routine

If you didn’t live in Mallorca, where would you live?
I’d love to live in London or Miami

What was the last film you watched and your favourite?
The last series I watched was the Spanish series Welcome to Eden, and one of my favourite series is Reina del Sur

What was the best career advice you ever received?
It’s not about the final goal - it’s about the journey to get there

What are you afraid of, if anything?

What’s your favourite music?
I’m an R&B girl

What’s your favourite drink/cocktail?
Moscow mule or espresso martini