Meet Melanie Borst, originally from Ireland who is looking for a Lead Deckhand or Bosun position on a sail yacht. | Erica Lay

Each week Erica Lay, owner of ELCREW CO International Yacht Crew Agency talks to a crew member currently in Mallorca either seeking work or based here to learn a little more about our local yachting community. For more info on any of our stars featured here, you can contact Erica directly on

Today I’m speaking with Melanie Borst, originally from Ireland, she’s here in Mallorca looking for a Lead Deckhand or Bosun position on a sail yacht.

Q.— How long have you been based in Mallorca?
A. — “I have been in Mallorca for one and half months.”

Q.— What attracted you to the island?
A. — “I am a sailor, and a lot of sailing superyachts winter in Palma so I thought moving here would help me find a great next position for myself. The island itself is also so beautiful and the city has a great atmosphere.”

Q.— What’s your background before yachting?
A. — “I worked in hospitality in a small town in Ireland.”

Q.— When/how did you join the yachting industry?
A. — “I joined the industry in 2020, I started by completing my entry level courses at UKSA on the Isle of Wight and I secured my first position as a deck/stew in Croatia not long after.”

Q.— If you didn’t work on a yacht, what do you think you’d be doing?
A. — “I would be a sailing instructor.”

Q.— What training did you do?
A. — “My main license currently is my Yacht Master Offshore in Sail. I also have my STCW, Yacht Rating, Radio License, Proficiency in Designated Security Duties & Awareness, Powerboat Level 2 and PADI Open Water.”

Q.— Any achievements or special things stick out for you so far?
A. — “Completing my Yacht Master gradually step-by-step over 3 years rather than a zero-hero is definitely something I am really proud of, I felt like I really worked hard to earn it when I passed.”

Q.—What’s the best thing about your job?
A. — “Long passages are my favourite thing about my job, there is no better feeling than seeing endless horizons and epic sunrises and sunsets for days on end.”

Q.— What do you enjoy most about your job?
A. — “I really enjoy the maintenance side of my job, I love painting and varnishing, fixing things, whipping and splicing.”

Q.—What’s the most challenging part of your job?
A. — “The long hours throughout the season can have a big mental and physical toll, but if you are surrounded by a great crew you and feel supported then it makes life a lot easier.”

Q.— What would you like to do next (e.g. move to bigger yacht, get a promotion, do more courses)?
A. — “I am looking to start my Master 200gt/OOW 500gt in the next few months which will be my next big milestone.”

Q.— Thinking back to when you were completely green – what advice would you give yourself?
A. — “Work hard, study hard. Don’t turn down the chance to make lifelong memories with your crew just because you are tired; but do make sure you look after yourself. Exercise regularly and eat healthily and make time to take care of your mental health.”

Q.—What’s your dream yacht to work on?
A. — “I’d love to work on Sea Eagle II or Vertigo.

Q.—What’s your ideal destination to travel to on a yacht?
A. — “Norway or Antarctica.”

Q.—What do you like to do when you’re not working?
A. — “I am an avid runner, I will always get up for a sunrise run on the weekends. I also love lying on the beach with a good book and trying out brunch spots. I love food.”

Q.—What’s your favourite brunch spot you’ve discovered so far?
A. — “I actually have a list of my favourite places on my notes app. I’ve been ranking as I go to them. My top 3 are currently: 1. Mama Carmens, 2. Boski and 3. Lili’s.

Q.—What’s the most memorable guest request you’ve had?
A. — “We had to go fetch a laser dinghy from Porto Cervo for a charter guest request who wanted it ASAP to use in the bay we anchored in, my C/O took me in the tender to pick it up and then proceeded to tow me back inside the dinghy (for steering the rudder) at an unmentionable speed through a very choppy swell. I thought I was going to capsize like every 5 seconds.”

Q.—Who in the world would you love to have on board and why?
A. — “I would love nothing more than to be able to have my family onboard, they have no idea how big or beautiful the boats I work on are and I would love to blow their minds and have them experience it.”

Q.—Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Still in Mallorca? Still working on yachts?
A. — “I see myself hopefully as a chief officer in 5 years, possibly still living in Mallorca on a nice rotation contract perhaps.”