You can blame the government in this case the British government | Xesca Serra¶

We´ve had more bookings than cancellations, the Mallorcan Hoteliers Federation said in a press statement this week. This single sentence on a two page statement rather sums up the season so far. Things are bad but everyone is trying to keep positive. This report went on to say that 85 percent of local hotels are now open (the remaining 15 percent will remain closed for the rest of the season).

But it is incredible that in the space of two years we have gone from an island where hotel overbooking is normal at this time of the year to a place which is counting its blessings that we have more bookings than aborted holidays.

Over the last two weeks, according to the same source, there has been a 30 percent drop in bookings both in Britain and Germany. Now, things can change overnight but a 30 percent fall is a big drop for an island which usually welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists every week. at this time of the year.

You can blame the government in this case the British government; speculation that Spain will be placed on the Amber Plus list is doing little to help sell holidays to Mallorca. Amber Plus means that eventhough you have been double jabbed you will still have to quarantine on your return.

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