Taxi Drivers, Xisca Comas & Cristina Cano with their cars. | M. À. Cañellas

Taxi drivers, Xisca Comas and Cristina Cano have joined the zero-emission mobility revolution, by bringing Tesla high-end 100% electric vehicles to Palma.

"We decided to launch this model because it’s efficient, takes care of the planet, reduces costs, uses less fuel and there's fewer breakdowns" said Xisca Comas, who’s been licensed for 10 years.

The Sector also has two Kia Niros, which were bought in 2019.

The Tesla costs around 55,000 euros, has a range of about 500 kilometres and will reduce costs by about 5,000 euros a year.

Electric vehicles are very different to traditional taxis and drivers have criticised the lack of Government aid for people who want to buy them.

"It's a big investment and we haven't had any help at all," said Cristina, who’s been licensed for 6 years.


Mallorca has 560 public charging points, which are part of the Electric Mobility Management System network in the Balearic Islands, but the Taxi Sector is constantly calling for its own specific charging stations.

“There is not a strong infrastructure for people to charge their vehicles,” claims Taxi Mallorca Autonomous Association President, Biel Moragues.

The truth is that people need to consider the cost involved before they buy an electric car.

“In low season it’s not a problem to fully charge the battery, but it's a lot more difficult in summer, so it’s important to have a charging station at home,” they said.

“The Government and Palma City Council should promote electric cars, increase the number of recharging stations in the Balearic Islands and offer models with efficient autonomy,” added the Autonomous Taxi Association of Mallorca.

At least 80% of drivers in the Taxi Sector are male, but Xisca and Cristina are confident that more women will soon be behind the wheel.

“A lot of our customers are really happy to see a female taxi driver and we’re pioneers in buying high-end electric cars,” they said. “The decision to become a driver happened by chance, but it's a nice profession."