Joan Bennàssar with one of his sculptures. | Ultima Hora

Pollensa artist, Joan Bennàssar is finishing up his sculptures before they are put on show in Inca as part of his ‘Refugis d’amor i oferiment’ project.

He is moving them piece by piece to Plaza de Santa Maria la Major, Plaza de Espanya and the courtyard of Sant Bartomeu Convent. Some of the sculptures have been brought from Escorca whereas others were created specifically for the Inca project.

I was fascinated by Sant Bartomeu Convent and I placed a sculpture outside of a couple looking at Lluc,” explains Bennàssar.

“At first we thought it appropriate to start in Lluc during Christmas so that Mallorcans had an opportunity to go out and enjoy the environment and the art and to take a tour of Selva, Caimari and Inca,” says Bennàssar. “But it coincided with the coronavirus restrictions and the health situation, so we modified the programme.”

The sculptural exhibition will be on display for the next few months in Inca, at least until the patron saint's festivities at the end of July," according to Mayor Virgilio Moreno.

On May 16, Joan Bennàssar will open a new exhibition in Selva, which will be hosted by Caimari and Lluc later in the month and the Lluc-Inca route will be complete with sculptures at four locations.

“The aim of ‘Refugis d’amor i oferiment’ is to raise the morale and spirit of people living in these hard times,” says Bennàssar. “People understand art as a common good and it is the offer that I already started with ‘Human Reasons’ in Pollensa.”

"It is a pleasure for the city to enjoy the sculptures of Joan Bennàssar,” says Mayor Moreno, “They reinforce the role of Inca as the gateway to the Serra de Tramuntana and especially to Lluc."