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Buying local and seasonal products not only reduces our environmental impact, but is also crucial to sustain the community and prosperity of the islands, always and especially in times of crisis. To facilitate for people to buy local products and to support local producers during, and after, the state of emergency in Spain, the Save The Med team have developed a list of local cooperatives and vendors in each of the Balearic Islands who sell and deliver locally produced foods and drinks, categorised by island and type of product and made it available online. Download the list from

In the accompanying video the organisation highlights the importance of preserving biodiversity and supporting local communities by choosing to buy local, seasonal products:

“The Balearic Islands are a hotspot for marine and terrestrial biodiversity. We have a rich and unique culture of artisanal fishing, dairy products and seasonal cultivation, which provide the population with quality produce and food sovereignty, so they can better control its production and distribution, especially in times of crisis. By supporting local, organic and seasonal foods, we protect local producers and artisanal fishermen, keeping our land and sea healthy and productive. Supporting these local activities is vital to support our local communities."

"Artisanal fisheries have an incentive to catch less, fish sustainably and sell better products. By supporting them, we help provide high quality food for locals and visitors alike and add value to our Marine Protected Areas. We preserve our biodiversity and a rich cultural heritage. Local Fishermen are our greatest allies in our mission to regenerate biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea. We believe they are a key player when it comes to protecting the island’s resources. That’s why we give them our full support.”

Together, we are all custodians of these islands. Buy local and protect what makes them special.

SEND US YOUR DRAWING OF A clean and healthy Mediterranean Sea!

Leti Lope art

How do you imagine a clean and healthy Mediterranean Sea, full of life? No matter who you are, let your imagination dive into the magic of the underwater world and take a moment to draw or paint your vision. Share it with to take part in a collaborative collage that will be shared publicly and inspire us all to strive to make those beautiful visions come true by better protecting the Mediterranean Sea!


Send your drawing before 30/04 as a photo or scanned image to

  • It must be a HORIZONTAL, coloured drawing in A4 format.
  • We encourage people of ALL ages to participate!
  • Include your signature so we know who you are!


New LIVE Lessons for the coming week are published with topics including Orcas in the Mediterranean, Zero waste living and more! Find the details on Save The Med’s social media channels or website news section and don’t miss out on tonight’s talk titled “How we can ALL make a positive impact” with Jacob Dalhoff from Paralenz starting 19PM on YouTube: Save The Med Foundation

The Minorca - Majorca Challenge Swim is postponed

Recently Save The Med published news about the swimmer and founder of Mallorca Open Swim, Boris Nowalski, who took on a challenge to help protect the Mediterranean Sea! He plans to swim across the 40km wide channel from Minorca to Majorca to help the organisation continue their work! Given the challenging circumstances that we are all navigating through at this point in time, Boris and the team feel that postponing the project is the only right thing to do. A new date will be announced once the situation is more stable.

“Let this be a time to reflect on how we humans interact with mother nature. Let this be a time of change and a movement forwards. Let this be a time to heal planet earth.” - Boris Nowalski