Dear Sir,
I wonder if you would be good enough, through the good services of your office, to convey a message to the hierarchy of the Conservative Party, and Mr Ian Duncan Smith in particular.
 This morning at 8am, the temperature on my front porch was 4 degrees celsius. My car windscreen was covered in ice, which means that the night temperature dropped below freezing. I live on the coast, so it seems certain that inland temperatures were below that.
 The point, not lost on most of us, is that the old description of mediterranean climate i.e. “ hot dry summers, warm wet winters” is cyclical and has changed. Last night we were colder than the UK!
It is a well established fact that benefits in Britain afforded to OAPs, who have worked and served their country in all sorts of ways, are considerably less than the handouts to immigrants, bogus or otherwise, who have been admitted into Britain, and have yet to earn the right to such assistance. This comparison is freely available on the internet for anyone who wishes a shock to the system.
 So Mr IDS, stop playing politics with the lives of expats whose vote you may be seeking shortly, and pay what others say are due to them, and way beyond 2015!
Conversely, those of us who financially do no require this winter assistance, have the honesty to admit it and allow those who do, to receive the benefit they deserve.
Yours sincerely,
Paul Satterly
Sa Coma