I THINK it is time that Argentina and Spain took a long walk on a short plank as they have now formed a united front over the Falklands and Gibraltar. The two countries are taking Britain to the United Nations. There is only one small problem. The Falkland Islanders and the Gibraltarians want to remain Britain.So what should the British government do? Evacuate all the people who live on the "Rock" and on the Falklands? Bring them back to Britain and abandon territories which have been British for centuries? Well, obviously this is not going to happen. If Spain and Argentina really want to get their hands on Gibraltar and the Falklands then they should start by being nice to the people of the two territories. All summer Spain has been using bully boy tactics at the border with Gibraltar and Argentina has made no attempt to open dialogue with the Falkland Islanders. Dialogue is the only way forward. Spain knows that and so does Argentina. But unfortunately they have both gone down the wrong route and continue to act like school bullies rather than proper democratic governments. It is also quite interesting to note that both government have severe economic problems and perhaps the Falklands and Gibraltar are just nice side shows to distract attention away from other more pressing problems. There is no chance that Britain is going to surrender the Falklands or Gibraltar, so it just a pointless exercise by two countries who should know better.