WHY do Palma shopkeepers continue to fight against Sunday trading or even more flexible opening hours? Eventhough the law has been changed which now allows them to open their door for business on a Sunday or even on public holidays many still remain closed even during the peak summer months. Now, obviously it is their decision and they know the costs involved of longer opening hours but these same businesses will be moaning in a few months time about a lack of trade and how their takings are down. If you walk up Jaime III, the premier shopping street in Palma, you will only find that the big department stores are open. Also, by 8p.m. on week nights during the summer, you can safely say that most shops will be closing eventhough there are hundreds of would-be shoppers about. As soon as the shops close, Palma closes down as well. Imagine if the shops were open until midnight during the three peak season months. I am sure it would make a big difference to their takings and even help attract tourists to Palma. An evening meal, some shopping and a tour of some of the attractions in the cool of the late evening. Sounds quite a nice evening out to me. But no. Unfortunately, some small retailers want to continue to live in the stone age and will even close for their holidays in August! Amazing but true. What is more amazing is that there are still people who haven´t realised that we live from tourism!