I returned home on Saturday night to find that a group of tourists on the terrace of the hotel opposite were celebrating and were in good voice. Now, sometimes you think that we do live on a tourist island and you don´t want to be a kill-joy but as the hours passed and having a young family who were asleep  I thought I would complain. Ihave never done this before. So Itelephoned the hotel and the receptionist apologised but told me that until midnight the tourists could make as much noise as they liked. Now, I thought to myself this can´t be right. The noise continued so I telephone the local police. They told me that ofcourse you can´t make as much noise as you like and the officer said that they would contact the hotel. The next day Ireceived a call from the hotel director who apologised once again and said that it was a group of holidaymakers enjoying themselves who come every year. I accepted his apology and there has been no more noise.  But it got me thinking as to why more people don´t complain about rowdy behaviour or noise by tourists. Iknow most of our income comes from tourism but at the same time we all have to live together and there is no excuse for outrageous behaviour. Our resorts should not be lawless places with tourists allowed to do what they want, when they want. Perhaps, if more people complained and made a stand it would rid our resorts of many of their ills. Holiday fun  shouldn´t be over the top.