I had the rather misguided view that elderly British residents in need on the island could return to Britain and receive all the necessary benefits they were entitled to. I was shocked and outraged to learn that in some cases British Social Services will only provide basic accomodation and the necessary benefits could take up to six months to come through. Now, I know that the British welfare state is not a bottomless pit of money but surely elderly British citizens in need should receive all the necessary aid and help that Britain can provide. And this is more than just a place in a bed and breakfast! I am told that there are at least a dozen cases of elderly British residents who have no known relatives and no money trying to survive on the island. Also, their paperwork in Spain was not in order and therefore in some cases they are not eligible to receive help from Spain. I thought that the British welfare state was conceived to help those who can´t help themselves. It appears not. It reminds me of that slogan  “a land fit for heroes.” Well, not if you are an elderly British citizen who wants to return “home” because they have nowhere to go. I am told that foreigners who arrive from other European Union countries or elsewhere are given benefits at the drop of a hat.  While it would be nice to be able to vote in British elections I feel that resolving  this benefit problem is far more pressing and important. It is an absolute disgrace and needs action at once.