THERE is no doubt that La Liga is now in a league of its own. Well,   I should say Barcelona and Real Madrid who have assembled two “dreams teams.” Messi, and Neymar at Barcelona and Bale and Ronaldo at Real Madrid means that the top players on the planet are now here in Spain. It is such a shame that Real Mallorca no longer play in the Spanish First Division because it would be a real treat for us to see them playing at the Son Moix. There is no doubt that the two Spanish giants will be the teams to watch in Europe. I am sure that Gareth Bale received offers from other Premier League teams but he had set his heart on a move to Real Madrid and Spain. Ronaldo, as we all know, made a similar move. I was quite amazed at how conservative English Premier League teams have been. Okay, they have spent the cash but no real big names apart from  Mesut Ozil´s move to Arsenal. When the transfer window opened many players in Spain were being linked with moves to the Premier League from Ronaldo to Xesc Fabrigas and David Villa  among others. But in the end they elected to stay in Spain. Granted that some Spanish players did move to England but it was not the big names English clubs had originally been linked with. I am relishing watching Gareth Bale playing in La Liga and also there is the prospect of Neymar and Messi. The soccer dreams teams have come to Spain and we are in the right place at the right time.