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Izzy Newman on the day of the Queen's funeral in Windsor.

“The whole of Britain should be bursting with pride. I was so pleased she died at home with her close family...”

“I think Charles will make a very good king, and we’ve got the next generation to look forward to. So, despite the great sadness of what has happened, there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful.”

Humphrey Carter

British demand for property in Mallorca remains strong.

British still dominate the foreign property market in Spain

British have always been the main buyers of homes in Spain.

Humphrey Carter

Britain mourns Queen Elizabeth

“William and Kate will save the monarchy in Australia”

The Bulletin talks to Chris Reason, a senior reporter and presenter for Seven News in Sydney, Australia.

Humphrey CarterHumphrey Carter

Welcome to Soller!

All Things Soller: Changing of seasons

The past 20 years has seen an explosion in the schools in Mallorca available using the English language.

Shirley Roberts


All things Soller: Our sunset world

The lighthouse above the Repic beach is a stunning location to see the sunset.

Shirley Roberts

Daniel Brunner with some of his works of art and busy at work welding in his yard full of junk in Llucmajor.

From South Africa to Mallorca the artist recycling metal to weld together magical sculptures

"I love nothing better than finding a piece of rusting metal which is screaming out to be given some life..."

Humphrey Carter

Calvia has the highest property rental rates in the Balearics.

Calvia has the most expensive rental property in the Balearics

Rental prices have risen by 31% in Calvia over the past year.

Humphrey Carter


A Fig for All Seasons

Fresh figs don’t come cheap, and in the UK are considered a rare luxury.

Peter Clover


Benito, a ‘Human of Mallorca’ and a 'Man of the Sea'…

Benito knows every inch of the coastline and all the creatures who live in it.

Shirley Roberts

Newspaper cut outs of Mestelrich reports.

Mallorca's greatest ever showman

With the aid of an aviation mechanic, Miquel came up with the design for the bike, the trapezes and the wire.

Andrew Ede

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All Things Soller: Moving from one season to the next...

This winter heralds the beginning of uncertainty with the cost of living crisis likely to impact tourists next year.

Shirley Roberts29/08/2022 10:48

Cala Agulla, Mallorca.


Get the Mallorca Beach App!

The App also has a location map and offers information on toilets, restaurants and disabled access points.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter13/07/2021 11:51