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See Mallorca: A day out to the Crystal Church

To gain entry to the Church when it is not open for services, or one of the many weddings of the year, is via the Museum entrance to the side of the building.

Shirley Roberts

Sean Willers is now fighting fit spending his time working in England and Ibiza.

From fighting the Taliban to battling drugs and alcohol

“While I am working with people be it online or in person from all walks of life, I am also offering a a support line for people in the music industry because there is not one."

Humphrey Carter

Life in the Soller Valley: another working week of 2023

The new restaurant owners of Sa Frontera (on the L’horta roundabout) have created a highly expectant vibe...

Shirley Roberts

POLLENÇA - Elegidas por sorteo las quince personas que día 11 participarán en la tala del Pi de Ternelles.

New Heights of Entertainment: The Climb of the Pine

The naked, silky smooth pine is then covered with a thick layer of soap before being winched up to its full height, using a primitive system of knotted ropes and elbow grease, by hearty volunteers ensconced at the top of the said church tower.

Peter Clover

Peter Kerr with a copy of the latest edition in Chinese.

TV series takes root from Scottish orange grower in Mallorca

"I have to thank Mallorca and all the wonderful people for everything during those three years. It was a life-changing experience I would not have changed for the world. I just hope that Mallorca has not changed too much.”

Humphrey Carter

"First think, second believe, third dream and finally dare..."

Between his dad and Xavi they have rescued and rehabilitated more than 30 horses sincelaunching Naturacavall in 2019.

Vicki McLeod

Soller: The New Year Statistics

Since the Soller Tunnel became free and the buses doubled their frequency many have moved here.

Shirley Roberts

Cristina Jiménez with her freshly made Mallorcan ensaimadas.

Australia tucks into the best of the Balearics

“I wanted to pay tribute not just to Balearic pastries but to the Spanish classics as a whole and the response has been extremely positive; we’re sold out by midday.”

Humphrey Carter

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